I was moved!!

Just a  small thing i experienced, thought of  sharing it here. Apart from normal beach atmosphere ,besi beach has lot of beggers, palm readers,kili josiyam pplwho keep troubling you.. Somehow I have never missed even once without replying one of those..

First time I saw a young gal.. no child selling flowers. I was little curious how she was measuring the length( “mozham” pottu dan poo kudupanga). Because she was so small.. should be 6 or 7 yrs. I dint have an idea to buy flowers , so dint stop her but was checking out her. I guess she noticed and came near me.

little gal:  akka akka, oru molam( mozham) poo vangikonga..!

me: thangachi thangachi poo venam .. naan ippo vechika mataenae..

she kept repeating “akka akka, oru molam( mozham) poo vangikonga..!”

My cousin got convinced immediately and took money out of his pocket. Somehow, Guys get conviced easily related to these things.. He was waiting for me to say yes..

I wanted to pull her leg.. kept asking her questions.

me: enga padikara? enga stay pani irukka?

little gal: ……………….. palikoodam(school)!!

Not that i dont  remember the school name, i dint get it.. even after she repeated so many times. her mazhalai hasn’t changed yet.. !!

I couldnt get the name:(

aprom pavam mokka poda koodadu nu, I got flowers and let her go..! You woudn’t believe . It was perfect measurement.. Oru molam !:)

very cute kid!!

Behind her saw a gang of school kids, Planning for “Treat“..

Not much to say..! Nature (God) is partial!!

Too much philosophy??At times ippadidan…..! 🙂


Purpose of the Topic Heading  is just to bring you all here!!what an IDEA??! clever me!:)

Free Webinar sessions!! Covers variety of courses.

Webinars are becoming really attractive these days. One, we get a classroom-like scenario (don’t really want to argue which one is better) just sitting before our PC. Other, we can learn in a convenient timeslot after our usual work schedule.

We are all aware of lots courses being offered as e-learning. Some courses are offered as webinars too. Most of them either done as a promotional offer or we got to pay for them.

I have come through few sites which provide webinar sessions for free. I’ve tried them too.

I’d like to provide the links here.

http://www.techonline.com/ – covers lot of tech stuff.

They offer lots of free webinar sessions. Embedded systems, wireless technology and lots.  Just that I couldn’t understand many. Ground work on the topic before the session will be really helpful.

http://www.mslwebx.com/ – Can be called as an upcoming online computer centre .

They are offering free webinar to learn JAVA, as a promotional offer. I attended the classes and they were really good.

These classes were far better when compared to the class room session which I attended in a famous XXX Computer Centre.

Promotional Offer is still ON. So, JAVA beginners can make use of it.

http://www.openmentor.net – this made me start writing this post.

They offer many courses. Starting from Software languages, Management related courses, Spoken English etc.

And the courses are absolutely free!!Course materials and demos are available…!

This site gives you a login, clearly shows the schedule for whatever courses you have enrolled and offers some online free tests for few topics..

There is a blog owned by Mr. Nagarajan who is ready to listen to our suggestion.

Really a good start. Lately, I’ve seen courses and centres coming up just to make money especially using up the “recession cause”. He has definitely made a difference. Many Courses are yet to come up. And, He is asking for suggestions.

People, do take a visit and key down your suggestions.

As and when I come through other valuable links, I’ll post it here.

Open source and Free Knowledge Transfer Communities ROCK!!

Costly Signature!!

Recently, I had to apply for a Government Job . Yes, the documents need to be attested and the photos too.

Some people do get some money to attest our documents . As, my neighbour was not available in town I had to go search for some other option.

Found a Doctor who can attest my documents. But, I had to pay 100 rupees per signature.  shock of my day!!

Really, a costly signature!!

I thought General physician’s consulting fee is 100 but not a single signature would cost so much.

Funny part is application cost was 100.

Not only Doctors ,Notary public people are phenomenal. 250 rupees per signature…!

I wonder,are these rates reasonable?

P.S: I accept some people attest without taking any money!

Recently, I’ve been to bangalore for a short trip along with my close friends:) . First time we had planned a trip after our college days!! We stayed in my friend(divya’s) sister’s place. I have to mention about her sister’s family here. virundobal panbin-in( hospitality) perfect example. yes, their house was really small to accomodate four of us along with their family. They accompanied to all the places we visited . we dint expect that. It was easier to roam around with someone familiar with the places and language. we used local buses to roam around the city. Not really a bad  idea, as divya’s nephew accompanied us everywhere. We visited museum, cubban park,Lal bagh, zoo, ISKON( nice place to see) , few more temples and finally the Garuda Mall , shopping areas.Never miss scrary house in garuda mall!! we had lots of fun there. Everything was fun and 2 days got over so soon.

Apart from the trip, few incidents will definitely stay in my mind. I would like to share it too.

short Intro:

Divya’s sister has two sons. Elder one studies in pre-university ( 11th std) and the other kid in (8th std). Elder one’s name is Ram and he has friend Kamalesh. Kamalesh has lost his mother recently. so, he and his little younger brother stay’s in ram’s place most of the time. Ram is a very studious, caring person. can be called as perfectionist too. Kamalesh had planned for a trip to kutralam ( a place in south India ) for the week end . And , he had booked train tickets for ram too. Ram dint agree for the trip as he dint want to miss his sanskrit classes in the weekend. Seems to be a very silly reason for us .. yeah according to me missing classes and all is not a matter. So, there was arguments going on between those two regarding the the kutralam trip. kamalesh was compelling ram to come .

Just a scene from their argument:

Every night ram stays in kamalesh’s house , not to let him feel all alone. so, next day morning ram told his mom about the argument with kamalesh.

Kamalesh had come to ram’s house.

Ram’s mom: va da kamalesh!
kamalesh : yeah aunty.

He was conversing with us.

Ram’s mom: Kamalesh, Engaloda Zoo-ku variya??
Kamalesh: illa aunty

Ram’s mom: enda? enna vela?
Kamalesh: onnumila aunty

Ram’s mom: dai, unmaiya sollu?
Kamalesh: aunty, ram mattum naan koota kutralam varamatran. naan mattum en varanum??

Ram’s mom: Naanum avankitaa solitaen pa, avan romba pidivandam panran. nee eppo zoo va . namba ada apram pathukalam.
Kamalesh: adellam mudiyadu aunty. eppavum avan ippadi dan panraen. en friendship ku importance tharavae mateengaran avan.

Ram’s mom: dai ram inga vada. poitu dan vayaen. sanskrit aprom follow panikalam .
Ram: Illa amma adellam mudiyadu. aana ippo ava zoo-ku vara sollu

Kamalesh: adu eppadi aunty?? he wont listen to me, why should I??
Ram’s mom: rendu perum ippadi pesitu irunda enna pandradu?? Ram, nee panradu seriyae illa. kamlesh kaekardu niyayam.

Ram: Amma ennala mudiyadu
Kamalesh : appo zoo-ku naanum vara mataen.

Ram’s mom: Kamalesh ippo naan solrada kelu, ippo nee vandudu zoo-ku. I’ll convince ram before next week.
Ram: amma nee chumma promise lam pannada..

Ram’s mom: Ippo nee konjam summa iru da ram.
Kamalesh: seri varaen aunty.

Friends fighting like this, and one person’s mom convincing the other. I was admiring this. I never knew 11std guys would fight like kids. fighting directly is ( will be) a strong base for their long lasting friendship, I felt.

While returning back home in Train:

Three of us came back. And, among the 3 seats, one was window seat and other 2 were allocated in the adjacent row. There was one north indian lady who sat near our window seat , and other seat was empty( person dint turn up) . We requested her to move to our seats in adjacent row so that we 3 can sit together.

She replied,” I’ll sit only in seat allocated to me”.

We just giggled amomg ourselves” kelavi school kozhanda mari paesudu”.

One of my fren told ,” I ll try the same school children psychology” .

My fren  asked that lady,” Would you like to take our window seat and atleast move to that corner??”

Immediately, she replied,” yes” and moved.

Window seat-ku evvalavu aasaya anda paatiku?? lol!!

finally, we sat in the same line , in adjacent rows. Opposite to us we saw two gals n two kids from the same family. They had only 2 seats but occupied the entire row.

They almost pulled the other person down..:( pavam , that fellow moved after awhile.

Lack of travel manners!!

Other person could have fought for his seat. May be he felt bad for the kids and moved. Atleast, those gals could have adjusted little so that other person needn’t stand through out the journey.

Some Decent people try to avoid arguments and just walk away.

When will people start learning simple manners to adjust in the public ???

Really no one knows!!

Whatever, Our bangalore trip turned out to be refreshing and memorable!:)

31052009769Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach

Few clicks in Kovalam beach:)

Exactly six months before , I had finished applying for few US universities. So, for the next six months I wanted to work until everything is confirmed about my US plans. Job scenario was(is) not really great for computer engineers like me. Yes, pretty difficult to get a call for an interview. My brother and friends were also trying to get some contacts for me.

Then came this opportunity through from one of my friends to help her with Web site creation in an Insurance Magazine Company.

Me? Sight creation?? What do I know? And, the scenario was No seniors to guide. Only techie was my friend. It was like, we should search, learn and do for them.  I told her (Vatsala), “It is difficult for me and as of now, if am not really a tech person to begin with an idea and implement it”. At that time, I basically dint have the confidence and I dint want to try something completely new, especially time bound activities.

she told, ” Its upto you, But definitely you can give it a try”. Then yeah , I thought “why not?”,with the only confidence that she was there to guide me.

” company irunda naan enna venalum try pannuvaen..” lol!

The Company’s name is Premium and Its just some 8 kms from my place. Boss had called for an small discussion (basically to know me). I had got the address from her, but couldn’t find easily as there was some difference with the street’s name in postal address and actual name of the street. I really dont know, why it had a difference. So, I had to make calls to my friend and reach the place. I was few minutes late for the discussion.

My boss, she is an entrepreneur. First, thing she told was “you are late and you should have informed if there is a problem in finding the route” . I dint know what to say. Being directly from college, I dint know all these work place manners. I was conversing only with my friend, so I dint get a thought that I should have informed my Boss

Ha.. first vandonae mokka vangitaenae.. parva illa ,learn it,I told myself. Then started the discussion, She was straight forward in telling me the job description (that we got to work on our own ,only input will be she’ll tell us her requirements and there will be no technical guidance. ) . I was like.. Mam, really i dont know what I’m supposed to do, but i’ll give it a try. Yeah, discussion was over and solely based on my friends opinion she gave me the “job”:)

Initially, it was all getting used to the website my friend had created before. My friend briefed me things, still figuring out something was really difficult. Slowly, i started  rectifying errors in the available site. Not bad, I figured out someway. After this every task we did was equally challenging and boring.. both together?? yeah it was. Anything new we find.. It will be exciting .working with the same code for months.. Hmmm boring!!

So it was mixed experience. Not only i learnt little coding, we do other hardware related work and  online marketing email work too..And,any problem on the site , we got to handle it.  Variety of things to know.. And we had the full freedom. Project was not time bound, as we were freshers

Yeah apart from all these, I like observing people and always be with people. yes, i’m talking about my work atmosphere. I’m always lucky in a way. I get to meet nice people wherever i go. yeah my colleagues, nice people!

First of all, my friend and parter in crime:)( my boss calls us like that) she is a good mentor and a person gifted with patience, I’ve bugged her enough to complete any task.We have had fun just by drafting a to-do list as often as we can. Our “never ending to-do list” finally we finished the project by suspending things, and not by finishing:)

And then other teams, Editorial and Sales . Small conversations but very comfortable friendship with everyone of them. As the team was small, their working methods were also open. Like, i was let to observe, question and learn.

Whenever we get stuck with something ,My Boss  says ” there should be some way, figure out guys”. Very cheerful person!!

Then,the most memorable rides while I go to my office. Our office rules is to reach before 9 . If we dont,we have pay cut and all. I’ll start only 15mins before. Few things I do while I drive to office. I take besant nagar route to reach Adyar. And, these roads were really narrow ones. I just try to have a look at the cars  and two wheelers that I pass through. And, the driving person too. Just curious to know how young is the person who owns the car and Good time pass too;). Everyday I’ll get this thought to own a car after seeing so many. I’ll generally observe other riders too. A father/mother dropping their kids, other officer goers, husband taking his wife, rear view mirror sightings. etc etc… One thing that strikes me now is , there was this text written on the back side of an auto “ Indraya thagaval, Adyar kaval nilayathil thirumathi(some lady’s name) lanjam vangiyadal , velaiyil irundu suspend seiya pattular” . I was surprised. Few group of autos have brought in the habit to give tit-bits.

Just to avoid the main road traffic, N no.of cars too take the inner roads. Yes, One Big SUV is enough to block the road. Everyday I  curse the car owners. “you want to own a big car but take a small road and block others’ way” And, I really don’t know how the hell can they drive so slow even if they have a traffic free road. Adula vera oru two wheeler over take panna , they keep honking ..! Avalo oru manap perachana vera.. silly drivers! Some days I’ll scold the government. They should come up with the rule “cars should be banned on city inner roads”  ha ha.. crazy rule.. Still these cars mess up so much:(and they deserve it.

Then there is this Blue Cross road in besant nagar. Such a nice road, we can feel the nature there. Not a single day I’ve missed using this road even if I’m running out of time to reach office in time. Yes, I had pay cut every month. Eppadi roada vedika patha enna panradu!!ha ha I cant be helped!:)Likewise, evening ride on Adyar bridge will be so refreshing. Seems to be very silly things, but riding on few roads are always memorable.

Starting from the hesitation to take up something I dint know, I learnt little as days passed by, I learnt being in a work place, my memorable bike rides , first month salary celebrations etc etc. So,“we should start something to know many things”

I’ve started with this post to know about writing:)

I’m not good a writer , not good a content producer,but I hope to become one with this kick start to write a blog. Main purpose of my presence is to share all my personal experiences on any general issue, anything that i feel peculiar or interesting while surfing(basically a copy-paste of good stuff :D). Lately,I’ve been using internet so much ,officially. I came across so many help blogs.So,I got the thought of starting a new one and conribute as little(much) as i can …!
Just a Simple Start ,with a rocking purpose..!
Finally, I “own” a Blog!! 🙂 Small things give me unexplainable happiness!

I’m not good a writer , not good a content producer,but I hope to become one with this kick start to write a blog. Main purpose of my presence is to share all my personal experiences on any general issue, anything that i feel peculiar or interesting while surfing(basically a copy-paste of good stuff :D). Lately,I’ve been using internet so much ,officially. I came across so many help blogs.So,I got the thought of starting a new one and conribute as little(much) as i can …!

Just a Simple Start ,with a rocking purpose..!

Finally, I “own” a Blog!! 🙂 Small things give me unexplainable happiness!